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IL Thesis

Fashion Design and Publications

I created 5 separate patterns with 5-8 separate colorways, making over 30 separate versions for fabric usage. 
I then published my own 60+ page publication showcasing the designs, available on amazon. 

My Illustration thesis concept came about because of a multitude of reasons; the main being my love for animals and my knowledge of the veterinarian industry.

My Mom is a practicing veterinarian with over 20 years of experience, and she has to wear scrubs every day for work. Something she’s expressed frustration over is how she's limited to plain colored scrubs, because patterned scrubs currently on the market look less professional. To address this, I created a collection of patterns for scrubs and fabric to provide a mature yet amusing way to share one's love for animals without the risk of looking unprofessional in the medical field.

You can buy the process book and full series of colorways here!