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Graphic Design

Branding & Identity
Social Media Content

I specialize in creating fresh and fantastical illustrations and designs. I have serviced private individuals, municipalities, nonprofit groups, and public businesses alike. I bring my client’s ideas to life with my communicative and personal approach to creating.
My promise is to share my process with you every step of the way while developing your visuals so we can make something impactful together!

Visit my youtube channel for my figma presentations & motion graphics: ︎

Employers & Clients:
The City of West Allis
Wisconsin Craft
Jazz Gallery Center of the Arts
Serve Marketing
Acts Housing

Check out some of my favorite projects!

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Unagi Sushi

Identity & Branding

I wanted to try my hand at doing a small food brand & identity, and I decided to craft an unconventional sushi brand with a lighter color palette. Thus came Unagi sushi! 

The brand’s colors were crafted based off of crab meat and wasabi. Organic shapes and language were used to allude to the fresh oceanic sources Unagi Sushi’s ingredients came from!

This brand was crafted for a younger demographic, 16-25 years old, blue collar to middle class. 

Rockabilly Chili

Advertising Design & Motion Graphics

This ad campaign sought to bring in more customers for an annual local festival, while still using the reoccuring main character in a new theme.
I chose an “American Traditional Tattoo” theme, and played off of Rockabilly culture to pull in a gender-neutral middle aged demographic that would be more likely to identify with what the festival provides.

End Demand. End Exploitation.

Advertising Design
& UX/UI 

This was a unqiue trafficking awareness campaign I had the privilege of concepting and ideating for. 
My demographic was the  “Johns”; the buyers in the situations.
My concept revolved around this: Appeal to the Johns. Humanize Women. Empathize with John’s struggles. Guide them to better options. 

The final concept was creating 2 series of web banners, one for NSFW sites that the Johns would believe is for a meet-up, and another set that was for general awareness. The banners would lead to a website sharing survivor stories and providing resources for Johns so they wouldn’t be contributing to sex trafficking. 

To see the webflow of the concept, view the presentation video here!